Decorative White Cement

Decorative White Cement has long been a product shrouded in mystery and myths about its applications and uses. Very often people have the notion that since it is a "Cement" product, it must be used purely for construction and repair purposes. Diamond Gold decorative white cement is the most popular and time tested choice for your floors and walls but also its lesser known applications have unimaginable scope. It is suitable for numerous decorative & architectural applications in white, light & dark colours.

Designer Flooring:
You can put your personal touch on almost any part of your house, be it interiors or exteriors, using Diamond Gold decorative white cement as your magic tool. So go on and be amazed. Envisioning your dream home has never been so easy!
Enter the world of limitless possibilities with Diamond Gold decorative white cement.
Marble Flooring:
Though marble stone is naturally white and elegant, it's also translucent and porous in nature. If marble is laid on a grey cement base, it starts to look dull and grey, losing its aesthetic charm. An effective way to prevent this is to lay it on a thin layer of Diamond Gold decorative white cement in the form of slurry. This acts as a white separator reflecting 100% light and preventing the grey cement from penetrating through and ruining the look of your marble.

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