• Hamilton Acrylic Distemper
  • Water based interior wall paint, gives an attractive, delightful and long lasting matt finish. A special formulation with acrylic copolymer binder ensures shade retention for a long time. Itís fast drying results in quicker completion of painting jobs.
  • Packing:
  • 20KG, 10KG, 5KG, 2KG.
  • Parv- 1KG Pouches
  • Hamilton Acrylic Distemper is designed for interior wall surface to give a smooth finish. It is based on acrylic emulsion to give durability and decoration to the walls. It is available in non-yellowing super white selected shades, which are devoid of dirtiness and give clean and bright look. Shades have excellent color retention. Product is designed for better coverage on wall.
  • Area of application:-
  • Interior Plasters, Brickworks, Asbestos etc.

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